No peer without anonymity


I was using 7.4.4 for win10.
I’ve experienced a weird error these days.
At first, all of my downloads couldn’t connect any peers at all. I tried to change settings and all of that. But it didn’t work. So I tried reinstalling it. I didn’t have the luck.
So I tried 7.5.0-rc5. Now it seems that the downloads found their peers back, even though they don’t really connect with them nor download anything. But the weirdest thing happened. When I put anything to “zero hoops,” it cannot find a single seed or peer at all. Usually, without anonymity, I could download things much faster. But now anonymity mode doesn’t download things, while non-anonymity mode gives me literally nothing, not even a peer.
Something’s very wrong. But I don’t know how to deal with it. Please help!


this might be the same issue as No peers connecting


Thanks for reporting, @limjdsn.
There were some troubles with our infrastructure recently. Could you please again try non-anonymous and anonymous downloads on both 7.4.4 and 7.5.0-rc5 and report the results?
BTW, it is usually more effective to report issues at our GitHub page.
There is already an open issue for the problem you described. We’re investigating it.



Thank you, @ichorld.

Currently, download got much smoother. But still, I have trouble with seeding. Once a file finishes downloading, all the seeds and peers disappear. So Tribler doesn’t seed at all after finishing it. (Of course, my setting’s at unlimited seeding.)

About the non-anonymous download, I just added a torrent, but it doesn’t connect to anything. Funny thing is when I change it into anonymous download, it connects seeds/peers and starts the download.

This is very new. Before, I used non-anonymous download because I didn’t like the speed of anonymous mode. But now the non-anonymous mode doesn’t do anything.

Sorry, I replied here. Github is still confusing for me. I will try to report there next time.


@limjdsn, to clarify things, when you download something anonymously, the torrent will be seeded anonymously. Since 7.5, we disabled seeding anonymously to non-Tribler clients, to prevent tokens leaking from our network. So, zero upload means zero Tribler clients interested in your torrents.