New Member: Can We Use Tribler on Private Trackers?


Salutations guys!!

I have a quick question. I’m guessing Tribler relies heavily on DHT/PEX. But can we use Tribler for on private trackers? Also, is there a way for us to add announcements to a torrent?


If you mean downloading a torrent from a private tracker, Tribler is like any other client in that regard: if you feed it a .torrent file with a correct tracker or a magnet link with a tracker address, it will connect to it.

If you mean adding a torrent to a channel - yes - the private tracker will be added to the torrent entry in the channel. Though, there is a known bug that this will only work when adding a torrent from a .torrent file. Unfortunately, when adding a torrent to a channel by magnet link, the added tracker info is discarded.
We will address this problem in the next release.


Thank you. You’ve answered my question in the first paragraph. However, your second comment can’t be correct, as non-members of a private tracker cannot download their torrent. Only public trackers allow anyone to download their content.


If I understand correctly, private trackers typically filter non-member clients by peer_id or ip address. So, as a private tracker member you can still share the link with a correct magnet url among other private tracker users, and be able to download it.
That’s exactly what Tribler Channels system does: it shares magnet URLs (in disguise).


However, when you mentioned “adding it to a channel,” that would make the torrent publicly searchable on Tribbler, but the user that searched will not be able to download it. This could also put the member at risk of being banned. And 99% of the time, private trackers do not allow DHT/PEX to be enabled.