Negative credit

Not Even Down Loading Letting it run Idle. Trying to Mine first Left it run all Night and I am at Negative 20 MEGS! Tribler 7.1.0

I have the exact same problem. I am running at a -3.7 Gigs of credit right now! I want to seed and help the community but Tribler doesn’t want to seed!

@dragonsouce @snivel Thank you for your feedback. If you’re credit mining, then Tribler needs to download the content first before it can upload to requesting peers. This accounts for the negative balance, then the balance should gradually increases with every upload that happens.

If you’re not credit mining, then it could be a bug in which case we would like to investigate more. For that, if we will need your Trustchain Id (which is also your Trustchain public key) as shown in the picture below.

Debug pane -> Trustchain -> id

At least for me, there seems to be some issue in the credit mining decision process. There is one thing that seems to be a bug and it cost me at least 10G of credit (and my credit also seems to only go down by turning on credit mining, though I haven’t run it for long, so we’ll see in the long run).

The credit mining system for Tribler 7.1.3 (or maybe the previous version; I just updated) decided to download a 10G file as the first file it would seed for credit. Then, after it had downloaded the entire thing, the file mysteriously disappeared (I guess this could technically have been another program, or the OS, or something, but I don’t know why anything else would be messing with Tribler’s files, so my best guess is that it was a bug in Tribler), leaving me with nothing to seed, but a 10G credit debt.

Anyway, it’s not clear that credit mining is working as intended, my current token balance is -17G, whereas, if I’d literally tried to do no seeding, it would be at -3G (if my understanding is correct: I’ve downloaded 3G of files that I wanted through Tribler with the 1 hop setting).

I am currently at -19GB trying to mine, I think you have a problem. I did download 1 thing to test the app but that was only 802MB.

Also how does one create a new torrent?

I have been sitting at -3.1G the last couple days… I am seeding 6 files, I see the files uploading - I assume that means people are downloading my files… but I am still at -3.1

I now have a -64.2GB Token Balance from trying to ‘mine’.
My debug pane doesn’t have a trustchain


Did you enable the debug mode? After you do a new window pop up and it has a tab called Trustchain

I am having the same issue - do you want my trustchain ID posted here or is there somewhere else to send it?

Since the tokens has been added to Tribler my balance is -200 GB. If this had been true all my dawnloads should have been done already :slight_smile: I hope it will be zeroed in the future when this feature will be fixed and working ok.


When seeding anonymously, there are two possibilities. If the downloader downloading from you is another Tribler user, then you get paid for seeding, otherwise for non-Tribler downloaders, you receive no tokens but you pay the network to maintain tor-like circuit for the anonymous seeding. This is one of the reason for negative balance. This leakage of the tokens will reduce with more people using Tribler but we’re looking at different solutions on dealing with it. We’ll keep you updated about it.

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I’m new to Tribler (just started using the app March 2019), and I’m having the same issue. I’m not sure I’m doing everything correctly concerning seeding and contributing to the community, and I want to be a trusted and good member. I definitely need “Token Mining for Dummies”! smile

Hi Sandip
Is there anything else we can do to not seem like bad sharers?
I leave my lappy on as much as I can just to share however I appear to rarely have a digit other than 0 before the large number in brackets. Plus I keep files after use, movies and music, so others can access them. I am at -470 tokens. Sounds bad and I’m a generous person, it’s important to me in the not computer world - but I’m still too greedy to buy every film I wish to see I guess. AOK
Loving Tribler as ever, thanks again

I, too, keep all of my downloads so that they can be uploaded. But I’ve yet to see anything other than an accumulation of negative credits. Even when I’m not downloading anything at all, I’ll still lose credits—or at least never gain any—even though I can clearly see uploads happening. As far as my practical experience with this, the credit system is simply broken.

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@2481 @jasonb @Frojo In general you pay Tribler token for your anonymity, be it downloading or seeding. The difference in case of seeding is that you receive more token from the downloader than you have to pay the network for anonymous seeding. In case, the downloader is not a Tribler user, you’ll end up paying token for your anonymity without receiving any token from the downloader. This causes the negative balance. We’re working on an exclusive Tribler network so you don’t have to lose token anymore, but it will take some time to come to production.

At this moment, the easiest way to earn Token is to simply leave Tribler running idle in which case it serves as relay in the anonymity circuit and earns token for you.

The problem with that “easy way” to earn tokens is it doesn’t work. I have a HUGE pipe 1000x250 I should see a ton of traffic but instead it seems like every day I have a bigger negative balance. Credit mining just seems to make it worse on top of that.

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Since 7.3.0.-beta2, my balance has become positive now, from being down tens of GB’s just weeks ago. It seems to be much better in counting your uploaded data.

I guess i’ll give the beta client a try, it’ll import everything from the existing client right?

In my case, it did so flawlessly.

That helped some but it seems like after nearly a week of “credit mining” I’m still at a massive imbalance? It’s come to the point where it’s impossible to actually download something as well.

I’m on 1000/250 I expected the mining process to use that bandwith and build a massive surplus?

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