Mining leads to negative balance


i enabled mining and i see a lot of up and downloads.
unfortunately, those “downloads” which are generated to be uploaded, are negatively calculated to my balance?!
thats a big error - if thats the case then it makes no sense to mine at all, isnt it?


I second that.
Actually I started using tribler only a couple of days ago and right off the bat, without downloading anything, I got a negative balance immediately. Then I added torrents to my channel, all for uploads/sharing and turned on mining as well, and my balance got more negative.
Then I started only one download, 3gb in size, and since that, although it’s not even quite finished yet, my balance skyrocketed to more than 25gb negative now. I haven’t even downloaded 3gigs yet, and I got over 25gigs negative balance. Something is screwed up in that calculation.


I think it’s the same for everyone, I have the same issue.


@tribler55 @spkdd @thecolorjay This issue has been discussed previously here:

Update on this issue: The token leakage due to seeding to non-Tribler bittorrent users is fixed in the development version and will be shipped in 7.5.0 release. However, real testing from the users is necessary to confirm if the fix is working.


can we somehow test that?
i install now 7.4.0-noodle2.02 in hope that closing the application works now