Minimize to system tray

Possible to add the option to minmize and close to system tray?

So my taskbar isnt overcrowded and to avoid closing program accidently.
For example.

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That’s a good functionalityto to add tribler dev team :slight_smile:

I agree, having this feature is a good one to have, more often than not our task bars get crowded easily :stuck_out_tongue:

How soon can we expect this feature?

So, what kind of behaviour do you expect from this? Should it minimize to tray by default? Should it minimize to tray on clicking close button? Should the window raise on left-click on the tray icon?
Could you please describe it?

It doesn’t have to be default behaviour, but having any way to remove it from taskbar would be amazing.

Why would you want that? Do you want to run it in the tray to:

  1. Download torrents in the background?
  2. Seed as long as possible?
  3. Collect/spread/update channels as long as possible?
  4. Just have it at the hand’s reach to add torrents without waiting for Tribler starting up?
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I created a PR for this. After it will get merged, it will be shipped in 7.10


I don’t want it to take up space on my taskbar.
I seed from the time I turn my PC on to the time I shut it off, and it’s a bit distracting to see it all the time, especially when I need to work.

BTW, would you run Tribler Core as a Windows Service, if we make it available?


Please do not add any Windows Services to Tribler. Currently it is trivial to install Tribler in a standard user account on Windows. If you add Windows services to Tribler it would have to be installed from an administrator account.

Also I like apps being portable. If you convert parts of Tribler to a service it would no longer be portable.

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Good point! Though, Tribler consists of two separate parts running in two independent processes: the Core and the GUI. We were considering adding an option to run the Core only, to save system resources.


It’s working great, thank you!

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