Metainfo Timeout after adding torrents to my channel


I made a personal channel to keep a reminder of my torrents in case they ever get lost. Yesterday I added all of my torrents to my new channel. Today I selected all my torrents and added them to my channel, expecting the duplicates to just be ignored. However, now Tribler is frozen with the message “An error occurred during the request: Metainfo Timeout”

For what it’s worth I have a fairly large number of torrents queued, ~150 or so.


Thanks for the report!
I was not able to reproduce the problem with Tribler 7.10. What version of Tribler do you use?


Also, did you add the torrents the second time from disk or from downloads list in Tribler? And what exact menu option did you use?


I’ve filed a bugfix for a related problem, fixing the case when you add torrents repeatedly from disk by selecting multiple torrent files from disk through the “Add torrent” menu in channel management.
If you used a different pathway, that will not help though.

The fix is going to be released in 7.10.1 by the end of August.


I’m using 7.10.0

I added the torrents (both times) from the downloads list.

I selected all the torrents, left clicked on all the selected torrents, and chose “add to my channel”. Then I selected the channel I created.

Then Tribler froze and didn’t recover.

Thanks for your response.


Can you reproduce it reliably?


Just tried it and everything went smoothly and quickly with no hang-ups. Hmmm.