Marketing to increase Tribler userbase?

I think that it would be really cool if Tribler and its users would do more marketing to make tribler become more popular. As there is more and more surveillance and censorship on the internet a tool to securely share files will be very much needed to maintain privacy and freedom.

So how can we help do to make Tribler more known to more people around the world ?

Lets advertise on adware torrent clients to customers tot tell them their data profile and the torrents they downloaded in order to direct them to the tribler website.

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The Signal scandal, yes :rofl:


Speaking seriously, Tribler currently enjoys staying under the radar. This allows us to debug and experiment relatively safely. Currently, our infrastructure won’t hold, say 10-times increase of the userbase.

@Gargoyle, if you really want to help us, start writing bug reports and feature requests at our GitHub page. Also, point your friends to use Tribler, listen to their complaints, look at their reaction and report back. That would be most helpful!


What about engaging with other universities to assist with infrastructure and also to increase the number of researchers and programmers working on Tribler?


At this point, only professional programmers work on Tribler actively. Focusing sharply on the two main features - Tunnels and Channels - allows us to increase the software quality to a competitive level. Collaborations with other universities are welcome, but unlikely since academics are typically not interested in providing quality code.

Nonetheless, the best way to help us right now is to report and investigate bugs and provide janitor patches, or do analytics on our Issues (e.g. starting a list of all the requested GUI changes).

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