Location of download directory


I have set the download directory to the F:/data/downloads/TriblerDownloads on 7.1.2.
After upgrading to 7.1.5, the download directory changed to the C: drive.
I moved C:…/TriblerDownloads to the F: drive, saved it and restarted Tribler.
It continues to write to C:


@mlee Thank you for reporting. I’ll investigate it and get back to you.


Please do, it strongly resembles the problem that I’m encountering for over a year now. Some torrents keep being downloaded to both the old and the new location. Deleting the file at undesired location results in restarting the download, while a duplicate of the file was already present on the desired location.


@mlee @LesVerres
When a new torrent is added in Tribler to download, it create something called pstate file which stores the information about the state of the torrent. One of the entry in this file is also the download location set by the user where the torrent will be downloaded. By default, it will be inside TriblerDownloads in users home directory. When the torrent (content) is moved externally, Tribler does not know where it has been moved and tries downloading again at the preset location. This could be the reason for multiple downloads. As a solution, we are thinking to support move option with which you’ll be able to move the torrents and its reference in state file easily.

I suspect there is also a bug in the config affecting the default download location for torrent. Will investigate more and implement the fixes soon.


@sandip Thanks for investigating!

Out of curiosity, would it be possible to migrate tribler from a windows-based PC to a linux-based NAS, while maintaining your channel and built up token balance?


@LesVerres As of now, it is not easy to migrate between systems. One of the reason for that is incompatibility in the file path structure. We have had a few discussions in the past and there is also a Github issue ticket for it. Right now priority is to do Tribler 7.3 release to support Giga channels. Giga channels are the new generation channels with the support for metadata and nested structures (channels within channels) and much better search. Stay tuned!