Is there a way to automatically move completed downloads?

First of all, kudos to the devs. Lovely app.
As title says, is there a way to automatically move completed downloads as in most other torrent clients? Keeping incomplete files among other media isn’t ideal.



For now, there isn’t any option to do so but we will consider adding it in future versions!

Ok. Thanks for answering.

Personally I’d love this to be implemented as a post-complete script. That way I can move the file, convert it, and send a notification via email or IM bot as I see fit and all Tribler needs to do is call the script with the completed file name as a parameter.

I am still waiting for this feature to implemented. I would love this feature.

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+1, I would love this feature, too! It’s currently difficult to distinguish completed downloads from uncompleted downloads. It would further help if you could store the torrents in a different folder than the downloads.