Is the balance calculated correctly?


I Installed 7.9.0-RC1 yesterday, and downloaded few books, putting me at something like -500 MB. However, today I can see in my trust graph that I have Given 3 GB and taken 3.5 GB, meaning I am still at -500 MB. Is that how it should work? I think the given balance might be accidentally added to taken balance, but I’m not sure, so please do cerrect me on this.


As I understand it, when you are “giving” you basically forward data from somebody to somebody else. One pays you and you will need to pay the other. Now the amount that you are paid should be larger than the amount that you have to pay down the line, but that is why the taken statistic also grows when you are not downloading anything.

There are also things that cost a little bit that are done automatically so that might have cancelled out your gained tokens if you are not seeding for very long.

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Also note that 7.9.0 has been released now, so you can upgrade.


Thanks for answering! Yes, this is indeed how the current mechanism works :+1: