Is it possible to download anonymously while using Windows 10?


I think Tribler is a great program and a great idea to attempt to make downloading torrents anonymous, However I am concerned that people who use Windows 10 are falsely believing they are gaining anonymity when in reality it would appear to be impossible for them to gain anonymity.

Since there is telemetry and data mining built right into Windows 10 that literally sends everything that is done on their PCs right to Microsoft’s servers, It will even send the information that they are running Tribler on their PC’s.
Using Tribler is not going to really help these users since Microsoft Windows 10 is sending the information of what files are on their hard drives right to Microsoft servers and this makes using Tribler on windows 10 in vain.

Microsoft is able to see what files you have downloaded since they can literally see everything that is contained on your hard drive without having to even monitor what you are downloading over the internet.

Should Tribler display a warning to Windows 10 users that using windows 10 opens them up to this and that they cannot be anonymous while using this OS?

Or am I somehow wrong about all this? As far as I know this is what Windows 10 does. It is literally a Trojan Horse wrapped in an OS.


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Simply knowing that the program is on the system doesn’t mean diddly squat in the eyes of the law, government bodies (they have better things to do, really…), etc. You downloading a torrent client doesn’t mean you’re seeding illegal files. Owning a gun doesn’t mean you want to commit murder. At that point, knowing is useless. And they also can’t know what’s being shared anyway, if Tribler is doing its job from the get go…

And if we’re going to claim “worry” that MS knows you’re using Trib: 90% of people using Trib downloaded it without using their VPN…so their ISP already knows they downloaded it, and they told the government…Microsoft didn’t have to do anything and the information is already out there.

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Secondly, again (not sure if it was you who I explain this to), no other operating system doesn’t have the same issue (with the exception that MS is a corporation that has given user data to government and police organizations) where you could give yourself a false sense of security.

Both Apple and Linux systems are open (and Linux is far easier to pick through, although that also prevents many issues) to the same type of passive external telemetry (with Apple being in the same ballpark as Windows with having active telemetry on their systems passing information to the company) as well as more explicit intrusion.

And lastly, seeing as all the operating systems are sitting ducks ripe for the snoopers picking, it’s far better of you to start worrying about what YOU should be doing to block telemetry information from leaving your network borders and preventing external intrusion from a plethora of non-microsoft created holes.

There are options to completely gut the ability for anything to leave/enter your system that are far easier to configure than most things that Linux has to offer…so why not use those, just like you’d put new locks on your door after your landlord put non-standard ones on? It’s your system, secure it and there isn’t going to be much to worry about in the long run anyway.

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Have you tried spybot anti beacon for windows 10???

There are more similar programs like the above.