Interface/address and auto create via hashing files and more

So before i get into depth here i was a day one user of tribler and gave it up after to many bug issues. Recently i turned around and decided to use it once agian and test the new dist of this software im a advid user of tixati and have tried its sister also the only reason i sate these two softwares is because they both have features that i myself someone that has been transfering files since the internet became mainstream thinks would truly make tribler a ultimate downloading software. There is already a tor inspired option here cudos and bravo. But it lacks in a few areas that if implamented would stand out and help in few very important areas of the file shareing world. So first your interface of connection wether it be eth0 or tun0 or a interface address there is no option for selection, this provides a way especially if its a tun adapter interface for a place of security. Your connection will be dropped if your desired point connection or address specified is dropped. Second there is no communication between peers a file shareing community love to talk just as we do here it help put files in place for desired requests and you meet neat people also. A service such as this in a decentrlized network helps the expansion of distrabution, Tixati has this feature. Next subject ill get into many people face and that is TIME we as adults most do not have time to sit and piddle or play for hours at a time on the pc the sister program of Tixati " Fopnu" is nothing more then a file shareing platform you add your external drive , internal drive, or choose a file or folder and it hashes it and is ready for shareing. Now with tribler you have the option to stream content if i could add lets say 10tb of my media to tribler that im currently running on my eurocom panther 5 and people could view this media, seed it and save the torrent file for upload on another site you just saved weeks of work just by being able to have the software index everything for you if you choose to use this feture adding it by catagory etc. By the way there is no way to save a torrent file manually on tribler and the torrent file placed in the folder of your chosen seed wont upload to sites like lets say TPB. I have seen very little traffic in my channel since i reinstalled this software my channel name is the same as my usename i add new stuff everyday id love to see this explode into a unstoppable peice of software . Cudos devs. Feed back and questions are welcome!

@corekiller Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. Here are some comments:

As of now, we only use localhost but we can configure this quite easily. I’ll create a ticket for it.

Giga channels are the way of communicating the content among users but we don’t have a separate community forum (other than this one) for people to talk about torrents. We’re an academic team doing development for science and we don’t want any discussions related to illegal and copyright materials.

We have something called the Watch Folder but this is hidden in the settings. We should improve the visibility and functionality of the feature.

You can actually both add and export the torrent files in Tribler. You can add the torrent file from the top right + button, and export the torrent file (if added from magnet link) under right click menu in downloads. We don’t allow uploading torrent files to TPB, and probably never will.

Our focus has always been to create a client that offers anonymity, accountability (with blockchain) and improve performance so we’re well aware of lack of attention on some usability aspects but we are constantly improving on that. Therefore we always appreciate users feedback. Keep them coming.

@S.Pan-TUDelft ive seen the watch folder that is for adding .torrent files what im talking about is tribler itself being able to hash a entire dir or single file by itself. Like lets say i have 100 media files i want added to tribler not “torrent files” avi, mp3 etc id like to see a option where tribler can add all that on its own. Just like the sister program i expressed.
I turned my pc off last niight but it would be great to know people can see my content give my channel a test run let me know im visable and hit me back i havent added a bunch because i cant tell if ive had any visitors.

Another issues i just ran into also i have large media folders 10 20 gig and bigger will tribler not seed large amouts of files?