Incorrect restart

Im using Tribler 7.11 on Win10 laptop.
I’m downloading a ZIP-file with 100 PDF-files included.
The status shows that 80% of the download is completed.
When I check the download-directory, many PDF-files are already completed.
At that moment I wanted to restart my system for another reasons.
And so -while Tribler is downloading- I close Tribler.
Tribler indicates “Closing” but after a few seconds the key-button “Force to close” is displayed.
I waited another minute but nothing happens,
so I had to select “Force to close”
After the restart I start Tribler again and the download status now indicates that only 20% is downloaded.
And that is strange because all the files are still in the download directory.
So it seams that Tribler is not continuing with the correct data when a running system with a download in progress is forced to close.

Perhaps a few threads, like:

Thank you for the report! Tribler 7.11 has this problem indeed. As it turns out, the previous versions also had it. The bug was fixed today in the v7.12.0-RC3 release; you can try it! Now Tribler should shut down correctly without showing this “Force to close” button.