I'm not accruing tribler positive points

I’m leaving my tribler run idle fairly often in order to accrue positive points to download faster. But my score isn’t changing … what’s wrong ? Is there a bug ?

Should I update my tribler ? Do I have to delete my current tribler and download a new one or if I download the new update it just replaces the old one ?

Thank you for your report. Our bandwidth accounting mechanism accounts all inbound and outbound traffic. Since Tribler is performing many tasks in the background (e.g., swarm health lookups), your balance can decrease over time. Can you provide a bit more details on how your balance (e.g., by posting a screenshot of the token balance graph)?

I have a few of the most popular channels subscribed which synced a while back, I’m not currently uploading or downloading anything and just have the client open and idle

I closed and re-opened the app and left it for about 24 hours before taking the capture.

It wouldn’t let me scroll down any further to capture the graph fully

Hi i have the same problem, how did you solve it?