I'm not able to download anything over Tribler, how can I fix this?

Every magnet link I download, even if it has a lot of seeders, it’s just hanging on the main screen without downloading. The status is “downloading” but it doesn’t connect to any seeders and the ETA is “forever”. I downloaded the same file on Vuze in less then 1 minute.

I really like the Tribler idea, and want to become a user. But why is this happening ? Am I doing something wrong ?

make sure you have the latest version

I do have the latest version. I actually reinstalled and the problem solved itself, but I’m having another issue. Tribler is very slow, sometimes I download a torrent on Vuze and download the same torrent on Tribler and on Vuze it just goes super fast, whereas on Tribler it takes forever, even with a lot of seeders, is that how it’s supposed to work ? I mean… I know that due to security reasons Tribler is bound to be slower, but is it normal to be soooo much slower ?

What say you ?

Hi! Thanks for the report!
By default, Tribler downloads stuff anonymously through our TOR-like anonymization network. Last week we had an infrastructure problem with our servers, so anonymized downloads did not work. Sorry for inconvenience.

BTW, this kind of reports is very welcome on our GitHub

Do I have to reinstall again or should the problem be solved by now ? Another question , are the download speed really this slow or was that due to the server issues you described as well ? Should the download speeds be faster now ?

The download speeds should be back to normal now. You don’t have to reinstall anything.

It’s still much slower then Vuze, what gives ? is that how it’s supposed to work ?

If you use “anonymous download” feature the download speed will be 2-10 times slower than regular direct downloads, because of the additional latency introduced by going through exit nodes (e.g. like a shared VPN or TOR). Also, the exit nodes are shared between users.
If you disable anonymous downloads and go directly, it should be as fast as any other torrent client. If your download is slower than Vuze for 0-hop (no anonymity) downloads, this is clearly a bug and you should report it on our GitHub page :wink:

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