I would like to refuse unencrypted torrent downloads through my exit node


I was recently busted by my isp for forwarding an unencrypted torrent download through my exit node. I would like to run an exit node, but I cannot afford to be busted again. Exit Node operators should be able to refuse unencrypted torrent connections for their safety. I recommend using LibreSSL TLS on Tribler’s end since OpenSSL has a long history of vulnerabilities.

Edit: qBittorrent has an anonymous mode that helps to mask your identity, I know it is not perfect, but it would help to use it in the next Tribler update. I linked their wiki page here.


I recommend encrypted torrents which are usable by other peers. At the same time using at least 1 hop means more security and 2 hops even more.


Running an exit node is a dangerous business. You should use VPN in this case.

The way Tribler tunnels work now, we’ll have to DPI each packet to drop the non-encrypted connections. That will result in horrible performance drop, since our endpoint uses Python.