I love Tribler!


Hey, I love Tribler! :heart_eyes: Why? Well, I’ve got a few reasons. As far as I’m concerned, BitTorrent is the only completely decentralized protocol. With BitTorrent, you may have trackers and search engines such as The Pirate Bay, but at least they’ve got a Tor onion service. Whereas if you were to use the LBRY protocol for example, you’d be relying upon Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) wallet servers. Only with LBRY, you can’t use Tor. As a result, you’ve got censorship. And will they go to court for your right to share as The Pirate Bay has done for years? I doubt it. Am I crazy? You tell me. This is why I love Tribler, and you should as well. Decentralization will inevitably fail without anonymity.


@thecolorjay Good to know your thoughts. If you want to know more about Tribler development and roadmap, you can go through Ticket 1:

Everything we do is open-source, transparent and documented as Github issue. Feel free to report bugs and feature request there.


Sweet, thanks!

Yeah, I love what you guys are doing man. This deserves more attention.