How to update information about channel?

On my test channel I added a new torrent. On another computer on this channel I do not see the added torrent, how to update information about the channel?

If you don’t have “channel autocommit disabled” in Settings, the channel should have been committed in 30 seconds after your last change to it (if Tribler runs, of course). After that, it is a matter of pure luck and waiting for the update to propagate to your friend’s Tribler instance.

Channels and their updates are transferred only directly between the peers who are subscribed to those. If your channel is only subscribed by you (obviously, as a creator), it could take a day or so for your friend’s Tribler instance to come upon it, and that will require running your machine running.
If the channel is popular and subscribed to by many people, it will propagate very fast, possibly in a few minutes.

We came up with this architecture to prevent people from spamming the network with meaningless channel names. Unfortunately, there is a drawback of slow propagation of unpopular channels.

I understand your desire for anti-spam, but this is very bad for small channels that want to share information with a limited number of people. Maybe it makes sense to make a button - update information about the channel, for those who have subscribed to the channel?
And fight spam by limiting the creation of channels by time?
PS. The information was not updated for 24 hours, until I reloaded the client.

I agree that people who had already subscribed to a channel should get updates ASAP. This will require the redesign of the current architecture. It is already in the plans, dubbed “Channels 3.0”. It will probably be shipped by the end of this year.

And fight spam by limiting the creation of channels by time?

And how would you prevent people from changing their public key/private key automatically? Here you step into the realm of Sybil attack prevention, which is still an unsolved scientific problem. All of Bitcoin’s mining exists just to prevent this kind of malicious behaviour. This problem is not solved easily.

Rating system? Social capital? Maybe integrate with a project that develops social capital? For example with VIZ.

Well, “building trust-creating systems” is the official mission of our lab. For instance, see some of our recent research.

Having said that, no one in the world still managed to create a pure reputation-based trust system without need for PoW, PoS or some other externality.

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The link does not work.

Oops, that was closed stuff. Changed the link to a more general discussion.

When I make a torrent I can set a description, where can I see that description after I make the torrent?
It is not in the Details tab.

Congratulations sir, you’ve discovered a bug! :clap: :bug:

There is also a check box - Add torrent to personal channel, this function does not work. I have two channels and the created torrent does not appear in any of them.

Already filed a PR to fix that in final 7.10 release :wink: