How to stop streaming?


I can not make head nor tail of the streaming feature.
I click the stream icon and video window opens. After a while it plays.
But how does one stop the stream? I see a pause button which does nothing. Where is the stop button? When I go to downloads and right click the torrent there are options to start, stop and play. Stop what? The torrent or the stream? Normally a triangle and the word “play” refer to video playback, but in tribler this refers to starting and stopping the torrent. A film camera icon will start streaming a torrent, but how to stop it? I right click the streaming torrent and select “stop”, the progress suddenly drops to 1% and the word streaming still appears in the status column. I force recheck and now it is 0%. I restart the torrent and the progress returns. Is there no way to stop the stream other than by streaming another torrent? And by attempting to stream a file the other files in the torrent are not downloaded?
What is going on these days with media players and streaming web sites deciding a stop button is not a necessary?


100% agree, thought exactly the same couple of times last days while testing Tribler.



Thank you for your feedback. I acknowledge that our streaming mechanism is not very intutive and requires an extensive redesign. In fact, the whole video-on-demand mechanism requires polish and performance improvements. We have documented this on GitHub already but haven’t spent much time on it yet since we have more pressing issues.

I will discuss the issue with our other developers and check whether we can assign this issue to a specific Tribler release. :+1:


I too agree u need a STOP STREAMING option.