How to move a Tribler installation (all data) from Windows to Linux



Thank you for the interesting software.

I wonder how to transfer all data (reputation points, currently downloaded files, upload history, etc.) to the new Tribler installation?

I am currently using the Windows 64 version. What files and folders should I copy to Linux so that everything I download now will be continue on the new system?



I found using magnets was the safest way to move torrents from machine to machine, OS does not matter. Local peer can use the fill network bandwidth.


Hi :slight_smile: Thank you for the answer. However, I do not understand how I could apply your advice.

I have to part with my laptop on windows and switch to a linux PC. I am currently downloading my favorite band discography via Tribler. It has been going on for a long time, and I’m only 50%. That’s why I wanted to transfer this incomplete zip archive to a PC from linux and there continue downloading.

As I mentioned, I don’t understand how magnets could help me with this?


What files and folders should I copy to Linux so that everything I download now will be continue on the new system?

Tribler stores its data (private keys, reputation ledger, torrent state files) in its state directory. The state directory is created the first time you run Tribler. On Windows, it is located at C:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\.Tribler. On Linux, the directory is /home/<username>/.Tribler. Some more information about Tribler state directory format can be found at this wiki page. Tribler stores downloaded files in its TriblerDownloads folder that is typically located in Windows Downloads folder.

However, Tribler torrent state files are platform-dependent, because they may include absolute file paths. So, the best way to move your installation to Linux is:

  1. Run Tribler once on Linux system, try downloading something, note the directory where the download goes and that .Tribler directory is created correctly.
  2. Copy contents of .Tribler directory from Windows to Linux overwriting everything but triblerd.conf.
  3. Copy contents of TriblerDownloads folder into Linux TriblerDownloads folder.
  4. Edit each .conf file in .Tribler/<version>/dlcheckpoints by removing engineresumedata and saveas lines. This can be done in a text editor or by using sed magic:
find ~/.Tribler -name "*.conf" -print0 |xargs -0 sed -i  '/^engineresumedata/d'
find ~/.Tribler/7.5/dlcheckpoints -name "*.conf" -print0 |xargs -0 sed   '/saveas = channels/!s/saveas = /d/'
  1. Run Tribler on Linux and wait for it re-checking all the downloads.

Please, report if it works for you. I’ll add it to our Wiki then :wink:
Good luck :+1:


Hey! :slight_smile:

Thank for the detailed reply!
In my free time I will try to move this installation witch yours tips.
I will let you know if it worked out.

Thank you and best regards! :slight_smile: