How to create Torrents / Torrentfiles with Tribler

Can somebody please explain how to create torrents with Tribler?

I already created a Channel and added a folder to it.

Its so frustrating, no simple button to create a torrent/file… not even a simple youtube video or a description on (Yes I reade the FAQ!)

Please help the community in explaining how to do it EASY!

Currently, the dialog to create a torrent in Tribler is completely broken. It is basically impossible to use it. It is going to be fixed only in Tribler 7.12, which will be released in about three months.

Sorry to say that :frowning_face:

Well, I’ll try to squeeze the fix into 7.11, but no promises :wink:

Ok, I’ve checked the functionality for creating torrents in the upcoming 7.11. Creating torrents of a single file works perfectly, but trying to add more than a single file result in non-seeding torrents.