How safe is tribler in 2020?


I have read horror stories about people being raided because of tribler. I have not seen any proof on these subjects so I thought I would ask here. From what I read it sounded like people were activating the exit node option. From what I understand the exit node option is now turned off by default? There is no way for the exit node to turn itself on ever?

Does tribler actually block what your isp can see you downloading without anyone having to configure anything? If you were to download something should you use something like tor to copy the magnet link then paste it into tribler? If you do this is there no chance that your isp will send you any kind of copyright claim or no chance that ip trolls will see what you are doing?

Are you required to upload as much as you download? If you upload ratio is lower than your download ratio are you blocked from using tribler or limited on how fast you are able to download files?

Thank you for any info.


We participated in GitHub Discussions beta. Could you please repeat your question there?


This trust-question you have to prove yourself by reading the sourcecode:

By default tribler downloads have enabled 1 anonymity hop. You can bump this up if you want even more anonymity. Here the gui code from that:

If you dont want to let see the ISP what domain you are visiting, then yes, this is recommended.

1 anonymity hop should be enough for this. Thats why this is the default option.

You should do this. Its not nice to not do that.

Check the sourcecode