How do you enable/disable exit node status?

Based on an older discussion there was/is a dialog that comes up the first time tribler is started asking if one wants to be an exit node.

I don’t recall seeing any dialog like that and I have not found anything in the settings that indicate to me I have or have not enabled my client to act as an exit node. The thread I linked above also gave an example from the config file about enabling/disabling “tunnel community”, but I also do not see anything like that in my .conf file.

How can I verify whether or not my client is configured to act or not act as an exit node? I’m somewhat worried because I ran the client for a half hour or so before realizing there’s a risk it could be publicly downloading other people’s torrents as an exit node and I’m not setup or interested in doing that (my client acting as an internal relay is a different matter, and that’s not what I’m worrying about here).


I am concerned about this and the lack of feedback from the developer about this.

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I raised a report regarding this in the, then latest version, 7.12.RC-1

You can read here = 7.12 rc-1 - are all of us exit nodes by default in this new version? · Issue #6926 · Tribler/tribler · GitHub