How do i mine after enabling it?


i have a pretty fast internet connection and i would really like to share some of my speed. how can i participate?
i enabled mining in the settings, but what to do next?


@tribler55 Good to see your interest in mining. To start mining, you need to enable the checkbox: Token mining in the settings which you already did. The next thing is to select a channel and click the mining button.

There are some known issues with token mining at the moment which leads to losing tokens when non-Tribler user is downloading from you. The fix for the issue is not complete yet, will likely be released with 7.5.0 release.


What is “mining” and why does one want to do it?


see the upper right corner “Token balance” ?
when you mine, you can lower a heavy minus.
if you are too low, it can happen that your downloads are going slower and slower.

why someone want to do it:

  • get faster downloads
  • support the project
  • be a nice guy


i can only select 1 channel for mining, is that correct?
i had one selected for about 1 hour, but nothing changed. i see nothing in “Downloads” -> “Token Mining”. Except the headers like “name”, “size”, “progress”, …


Maybe that explains my slow downloads. I don’t mind mining but you also say that mining can increase your negative tokens. I like tribler, but this is not good. My token balance is -1.5 TB and my fastest download speed is seldom above 10 KB. It gradually slows to 0.0 KB. If it stop and restart tribler, it sometimes increases again and gradually declines again.


depends on your connection, security, etc.
i updated now to latest -exp3 version (beta) because the “stable” version had some serious problems.
now with the newest version i see progress in mining, there are some things downloading and uploading.
maybe you should also go with the newest version.
also funny: i have now a 0 MB balance after upgrading. guess reinstalling somehow kills the negative balance :stuck_out_tongue:


You had trouble with the “stable” version?
What revision number was it?
I am at 7.2.2


latest version (stable) is 7.3.2


Can you tell me what troubles you had with 7.3.2?


  • there was nothing shown in “mining” when i clicked on the left side at downloads and then mining
  • when i closed the application, it took very very long (the process did not stop, i killed it after about 20 minutes, the text was saying checkpointing downloads iirc)
  • when i started, there were running processes of tribler (so it did not really quit)
  • when i started, it did not continue already nearly finished downloads


installing 7.3.2 now


7.3.2 installed and running token balance is -1.8 TB


I have the same problems. @sandip
posted report on separate thread, too


@mlee @tribler55 The idea of mining was to incentivise the users with tokens for contributing to the network by donating bittorrent traffic, making popular content available to other users. But because of the known issue (explained here) which leaks tokens when seeding to non-Tribler users, it is possible to have a negative balance. A good news is that one of our core developers created a fix for it here recently so we will be able to test it and release in the future stable release (7.5 onwards).