How do i find more results


Hi there, to try Tribler I installed 7.0.0 rc4. It is the only version you can install on Ubuntu 16.04 and up. To try Tribler I searched for a file and had a little luck. Even porn isn’t found. Even while this is the category that has the most torrents on the net.
Is porn blocked? How to make Tribler find more torrents?



Hi and thanks for using Tribler!

Tribler automatically collects torrents from the network so if you run Tribler for longer periods, it will discover more content.

All information is stored in so-called communities. If you don’t get results when searching, there might be a firewall issue. To verify this, you can open the debug panel (press Ctrl+d or Cmd+d on Mac), go to the tab ‘Dispersy’ and then ‘Communities’. You should see the SearchCommunity there, together with a number of candidates. Could you check whether the number of candidates in SearchCommunity is higher than zero (i.e. you are connected to others)?


Also note that under General settings there’s a Family Filter which I believe defaults to enabled.


Yep it is higher then 0, it is 12. How high do you need the number to be to have a lot of hits?
I found the family filter. I switch it off. No kids in the house :slight_smile:



Is it possible to increase candidates by helping the system with it?