How do i backup Tribler settings and torrent list?



while being on MS Windows 10, i do Ctrl+R and then type: %appdata%
and execute, it shows app data folder and there i open .Tribler folder
Is this folder all i need to backup in order to recover my torrent list and profile?
Can i exclude “sqlite” sub-folder from backup as it is too big?



To backup your settings, you should backup the .conf files located in the .Tribler directory. The sqlite directory contains the databases used by Tribler and holds all discovered channels and torrents (this is the reason why it can be big). To backup your list of active downloads, you should backup the dlcheckpoints directory.

Please let me know if you need any more help!


I can’t edit my initial post, so i post a reply.
Thank you and on Linux, it appears the location may be (cd ~/.Tribler;ls -l)