How check if DNS is leaking


just starting with the default configuration anonymous?are additional DNS settings required to avoid DNS leaks?


Tribler 7.4.x and earlier versions used direct DHT requests. Hypothetically, your ISP could spy on that and tell that you’re going to download something. However, as Tribler checks other known torrents periodically in the background, your real request would be indistinguishable from other request going from your machine. That helps with privacy but does not masks you completely.

Upcoming Tribler 7.5 series uses our Tunnels system for DHT // tracker checks, even for non-anonymous downloads.


Correct me if im wrong, except the tracker queries over http, this should not have been sonce tcp is on the transport layer. May be dns query itself is but http should not be.

How much of this is a privacy leak is another discussion though. To me it is ok and with tunneld dht queries with 7.5 it is awesome.


Hmm… You’re probably right about DNS using system’s resolver service, resulting in a potential leak. I’ll add it to the issues list on GitHub.


See the following issue: