Help on live streaming


Hello everybody, my name is Riccardo and I’m a computer engineering student from Bologna, Italy. I’m working on a thesis about peer2peer streaming and I would like to know where I could get the working source code for live streaming since I couldn’t find this functionality on the 6.5.2 version of Tribler. Is this functionality no longer supported?
Thanks in advance!



Thank you for your interest in Tribler! Live streaming is not supported anymore and it got removed a few versions ago (exact reasons are unclear to me since I joined the team after it got removed but I suspect it’s due to instability of the libswift library).


Do you have some suggestion to replace this??
Because reading and reading, the most efficient stuff i can found about that for accomplish my result is this experiment of tribble, but now is shutdown


Will the program vlc under linux(& others &) meet your need?
VLc will play and stream source material that can be received on other machines.

If it is just code examples, there are many code examples in the source listings available under linux.


A shame. Thought to use to distribute live streams, served by fans. We’re such problems using the TOR stuff? Would more direct download links simplif …