Gladly Priority to downloaded files


Priority to download files. Now you can only choose between include or exclude.

Most bitorrent programs allow you to prioritize files you download.

This would be very useful for Tribler when your download series.:wink:

Maybe something for the next update. :wink:


Thank you for your suggestion. Could you please create a new issue on Github about this (


What is Github???

Again a account? I have all so many accounts Pufffff.

This is the Tribler Website, Is it not useful than people to share here their experiences.
and come up with Suggestions and Ideas.


Github is where they โ€œkeepโ€ the code, changes and issues. This is a great tool, as you can track changes and problems people have, and people can help by providing feedback there. Having an issue on github, with information about bug or improvements, makes it easier to track, as you can โ€œcloseโ€ an issue when itโ€™s fixed or implemented. Along with being searchable and sortable, itโ€™s much better than a forum for all kinds of talks.