Gain popularity to your Channel & favorite channel explaned


Some channels have a popularity of 32.020
I have a mere popularity of 1 (myself).
(for the interested it is “ == ExtraTorrent ==”; ± 1600 torrents)

So how do they do it?
Is there a place where you can “advertise” your channel?

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We don’t have dedicated places to advertise a channel but you can share your channel identifier with other users. These users can subscribe themselves to that channel by entering the channel id.

Hope this helps!



My channel id is: 1e7957e4e9f5e6bb0995b67a06a10051d53681c2

But for the channel “Kickass Torrents”, I had to favorite it to see the content?
(now I see the content without favorite it (maybe because I favorite it once?))

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Tribler will synchronise some of the content (around 50-100 torrents) in a channel if you did not favourite it. After you favourite it, all content will be synchronised. When you unfavourite it, the content won’t be lost but will still be available offline.



Thanks Martijn.

Maybe this is kind of off topic but it seems that the favorite Channel’s content does not sync with the Tribler full search? (only when inside the selected channel search)

Met vriendelijke groeten

PS: using version 6.5.2 (maybe completely different in v. 7)



We’ve changed the search algorithm significantly in Tribler 7 so this might be solved in the new version. You can test the Tribler 7 alpha version if you want (



Thanks, I saw that the 7.0 alpha version on github had only a zip an tar.gz format, couldn’t make it work :slight_smile:



Yes, that’s because it not officially public yet and it needs some more polishing :relieved:


The interesting thing I found out about advertising that it’s not that easy to pick the right platform in order to start gaining popularity; in fact, it depends mainly on your audience that will be interested in your product. The type of content you do also depends on the platform you chose, so you have to understand perfectly the process to achieve the result you want. There is a great article explaining all the basics and details.