For several days, I can not add torrent files in Tribler


I’m happy that the form is online again.

For several days, I can not add torrent files in Tribler.

I can’t Add torrent files and also no magnet links.

I get not the text data is loading the gray field is stuck.

What is happening?

Update i have Removed and reinstalled Tribler and now it crashed by starting up. i get gray error field "with the text Sent report or cancel.

How can i remove Tribler complete without traces. So that I can make a clean installation “Windows 8.1”



You can simply remove the state directory of Tribler (which should be located in %APPDATA%\roaming on Windows).


Thank you for the help.

Tribler is now working again.

Only the issue that i can not add torrent files and magnet links this problem is not solved.

Is this a well know problem?


I get Tribler 7.** not working, Tribler crashed by starting up.

I have now installed Tribler version 6.5.2 that work stabile.

When can we expect a new stabile version from Tribler?