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I like to ask for a chat feature in Tribler. It would have a “chat” tab under “discover” that would list all the channels that your client knows about. You would be able to create one, or join another, but a channel is read only to those who have not joined. When you post a comment in a channel, it is saved to a .md file and compressed with LZMA with maximum compression and a dictionary size to 16 MB. Your client then sends the file to all the other peers that have joined the channel, your peers then decompress the file and view it, they then send the compressed version to other peers in the channel. It would be a textboard, but you could link to a file that is already on the Tribler network, that is, if it is implemented.

To the Tribler devs: Is this doable, if so, in how long.

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Thanks for the suggestion! This kind of thing (e.g. multi-writer forum) was in the plans for quite some time. Unfortunately, adding this feature will require structured network overlays and access control. The milestone name for these is called Channels 3.0. We’re planning to finish it by the end of the year.
The next release will feature a step towards it, adding pictures and descriptions to channel previews:


BTW, please post feature suggestions at our GitHub page. And it is always more efficient to give your topic a more precise and meaningful title :wink: :

Thank you for letting me know, could such code be used to create decentralized textboards too?

Of course! We were planning for something like a decentralized Reddit. The trick is, it gets a lot of time and effort to get there.

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