Failed to execute script run_tribler


The program don´t open.
Failed to execute script run_tribler.


@viriato74 Could you specify which version of Tribler is it?
Tribler v7.1.2 or previous version?
Also, 32 or 64-bit distribution?


@sandip Getting the same error. I was on 7.0.2 which when I ran it froze. So I uninstalled it and loaded in 7.1.2 x64. But now all I’m getting is the same message as viriato74. I’m running window 10 and I tried the compatibility wizard and to run as administrator to see if those would work, but didn’t. Any help would be appreciated. If you need any more info, please let me know.

Update. Never mind. I went into the AppData/Roaming/.Tribler and deleted it, now it works.


@Biggieone Could have been an issue with the configuration. Glad that you got it working.