Extreme Total Problem


I completely deleted all aspects of Tribler 7.0 alpha.
Ground Zero delete, so I could start from zero information.
I created a new channel.
I worked for 2.5 hours to set up 34 torrents out of 330; so all would be anonymous 2 hops,
Mistake 1; I turned the computer off so I could have dinner with my girlfriend.
5 hours later, I turned the computer back on and clicked on Tribler 7.0 alpha.
The 34 torrents were building circuits BUT the 253 torrents I totally removed from .Tribler directory (because I deleted the . Tribler directory) were in the new channel.
251 torrents with no anonymous, zero hops were back. WHY???
Since, I did a total wipe out of all previous Tribler directories and files. I started from zero, scratch.
Please delete all channels for I am never returning to this POS software.
I made changes, deletions, added new torrents that disappeared; spent over 100 hours trying to correct the total defecation caused by Triber 6.6.0 experimental