Emergency! All my data lost! through tribler

I was just trying to create a torrent to share some data and used a a folder on my pc as test, when it didnt worked i went into tribler and canceld the process with remove download and data.

I Thougt it would just remove the data it created for the torrent instead it deleted fucking 120 GB of my private data from my computer including my Master Thesis!!! :cry:

How can i get my data back!?

And wtf remove that this can happen from your tool!!!

Dear @TraderX, Sorry to hear that. Sadly, the deleted data cannot be recovered using Tribler.

When you create a torrent of a folder, it is added to downloads. When you delete the torrent with Remove download and data button, the data is also removed. In your unfortunate case, the data referred to the folder you used while creating the torrent.