Download Folder's anonymity in Tribler


What if I keep other personal files in the download folder among shared tribler files (=those that I download and share), does other see my personal files or even have access to them? I use Ubuntu, and I am interested about safety…

sorry, for long question

Thank you, great app anyways!


Is it a shared system with other users?

By default, in Linux-based systems like Ubuntu your login can see any file in your home directory but nobody else on the system has access. Of course, the superuser has access to every file on the system. You also have the ability to encrypt your home folder, that can help prevent someone from removing your hard drive and mounting it on their own system (where they are a superuser) and getting access to your files.

Linux does not have per-app permissions, however. So any app you run has access to your Tribbler download directory and Tribbler has access to any file for the user you run it as. You can mitigate this by creating a special “tribbler” user which can protect you against rogue apps (or Tribbler) narfling your garthok.

Of course, all of this is about delays. There’s a big difference between not wanting your spouse with a different login to find your porn cache and not wanting the DEA to realize you’re a meth dealer.


Can’t make clearer than this :joy: Anyway thanks for the suggestion ! What do you think about running Tribler in a SandBox / Virtual Machine on Ubuntu ? Wouldn’t make things easier in terms of managing folders and accessing your data for you (user) and even harder to see from outside ? P.S: I’m n00b


There are pros and cons. If you’ve got encryption on the host and on the guest (and use different passphrases for each) it’s an extra layer someone needs to go through. You’ve also got less chance of something malicious ending up on the guest machine if you don’t use it for everyday browsing.

But on the other hand, it becomes a lot easier for someone with access to the host machine to just steal the hard drive on the guest so they can take their time decrypting it. You’ll also be using more resources (mostly memory) by needing the guest running to use Tribbler.

It again comes down to who you’re protecting your data from. How much time will they spend to get to the data? Do they have physical access? What do you do with the data afterwards? If you’re worried about the MPAA and then just copy the download to a Plex Cloud instance you may be worrying about the wrong part of the equation.


Thanks for the great answer, I didn’t know about Plex, I’ve done a little research and its functions are really well structured and various also it can be (if I’ve got it correctly) a great “buddy” for Tribler, having files such movies, TVs and music sorted out in a “fashioned” way (with proper icons, extended info with extras , trailers, biography and much more). Also I’ve seen Kodi’s offer and it has a similar yet not so well organised features (just to have on comparison with another software, both come from the same XBMC’s family ). So again thank you very much for the suggestion :pray:t2::slight_smile: