Does token mining work with non anonymous torrents? Earning balance


My idea was to quickly improve my token balance. So I thought the fastest way would be to set the token mining torrents to “No anonymity”. Does that work?

If not… are there other recommendations on how to earn balance?
Which channels, torrents, settings help?


Token mining is an experimental feature and most of the time does not work as intended. But if you really want to earn some tokens, become an exit node. But before doing that, consider possible legal consequences.


Thanks for the helpful reply!

Can a proxy or VPN be in place when acting as exit node?
That would change the legal situation?


Yes, you can point Tribler traffic through a VPN. Be careful about the setup though and make sure Tribler really uses your VPN for outgoing and incoming traffic. The best way to do it is to run Tribler in a virtual container, like lxc, or in a virtual machine if you’re on Windows. The container/virtual machine’s traffic must be pointed to go through VPN.