Docker triblercore and version upgrade


I use Tribler via docker and more specifically the “triblercore/triblercore:latest” version, and I interact with the Tribler API via a fairly simple bash script.
Recently I noticed that I had nothing active either in upload or download.
In the “.tribler” folder, a subfolder “.tribler/7.14” had been created.
As the “triblerd.conf” configuration file is in the version-related subfolder, I copied it to “.tribler/7.14”.
My active torrents seemed to be stored in ".tribler/7.13/dlcheckpoints/
.conf". I copied it all to “.tribler/7.14/dlcheckpoints/” but Tribler didn’t like it at all.
Is there any way to recover all my old active torrents?
Can I put the “triblerd.conf” file directly in “.tribler/” to make it version-independent?

Thanks for your help