Distributed Social Channels


Each post would be encrypted into a .7z archive and shared over Tribler. They would contain text and an image. Once a user posts a thread, other users can post on it. The channel leader has the ability to mute posts, in which the post will be forgotten and users will stop hosting it. To check the power of the leader, channels should be forkable. Users can preview the board, but they must subscribe and host the board to post on it. These boards would be anonymized by the IPv8 network, unlike most other distributed forums. Each post will have a file size limit of 1.44 MB, once a user runs out of space allocated to that channel, they forget the oldest post(s), thus making these boards amnesic. These boards would be listed under their own tab on Tribler, possibly, “Chans,” “Forums,” or “Boards.” If this is popular and stable, perhaps users can list these boards on their channels. No other torrent client is doing what Tribler is, and no other torrent has the technology to implement such a thing as easily as Tribler.


Why do it inside the Tribler?
Outside of it, it won’t be available.
Besides, it’s a single point of failure, the Tribler breaks, everything doesn’t work.
I know a decentralized resource that has a channel about Tribler. And there are a lot of entry points there, both through the web and through Telegram bots. And it’s not limited to that. (https://readdle.me/#viz://@tribler/)


Because if Tribler is to be the next generation of Bittorrent, it must be better than all other clients. No other Bittorrent client has the capability to implement this easily, because they do not have the previous work of Tribler. The long term goal of Tribler is to be a superapp, I see their work on Trustchain-Superapp for android, so why not on desktop. It is also very important to justify Tribler to people who are not interested in torrenting, but would be open to try it if it was put right in front of them. I also see it as giving people the ability to opt-out of a post ownership society once they are already using Tribler for social networking.


I have an example of such an application - RetroShare.
It has forums and boards and much more. But all this is not popular. The format of forums itself is rapidly losing popularity, while the popularity of chat rooms is growing, the example of Telegram. I’m curious to know what you’re doing it for, maybe then it will become clearer to me.
Right now I want Tribler to replace other clients in my life so I can recommend it to other people, but in fact it doesn’t work. Tribler is unstable and incomprehensible to the user.


Nice ideas! We are planning to implement channels crowdsourcing and some form of messaging/commenting by the end of this year.


BTW, channels ARE forkable right now.