Copyright Infringement Notice


Exactly how anonymous is this supposed to be?

I’ve been downloading with bittorrent for YEARS, a total of almost 2 terabytes down and 4 terabytes up, and I’ve never once gotten a copyright infringement notice from Comcast. Not even one full day using Tribler, and I’ve got a copyright violation notice from them.

I’ve checked that everything is set to be the most anonymous… This just doesn’t seem right


Farcry 5 on Tribler… 77 BILLION Weeks and 3 Days…

Bittorrent… 40 minutes

I know there is supposed to be a little sacrifice for anonymity… But WOW… Downloads in the kb scale if you’re lucky and most of the time in bytes!?!

I just found out about this Tribler thing, but after looking over the web o’ sphere, it’s been around for a while. It looks like there is potential, but I dunno


Was it a generic reply from comcast or did it have the name of the file/hash address of the file you were downloading???


Now that you mention it, it was just a generic message without the name of the file/hash address.


That could mean comcast knows what tribler is and comcast is watching how long you are on tribler.

an earlier topic noted “metadata” is being traced. I am not sure if there was a response to that topic.

After Tribler 6.5.2, speeds have been extremely slow for tribler users but a few still state they have Mbit D/L.

I Don’t received that D/L speed at all maybe 50 kbits at the most but I use a VPN.


@omnisis Regarding anonymity, downloading/seeding is anonymous as long as you specify one or more hops. However, this does have an effect on the download/upload speed.
On the other hand, metadata retrieval for the torrent is not fully anonymous yet but downloading metadata does not necessarily imply you are downloading the torrent so it should be pretty ok.

Also, we have a new performance engineer working on improving the performance of anonymous downloading/seeding and have already got some good results so you can expect better speed in next release.


Thanks for the replies and info. I do see the potential and I do hope things progress well. I’ll keep at it and see how it goes… But I REALLY hope things be done to speed up transfer speeds… I haven’t seen speeds this slow since the early days of Napster!


VPN is an ultimate option here. But not every single piece of software will do the trick. I would recommend reading articles and guides on the subject to avoid technical issues and data linkages. this link is essential for understanding VPN.


Downloading with anonymous doesn’t seem to be too anonymous. I got hit by a copyright violation from my ISP despite using anonymous downloading via Tribler. And yes, they had the exact title, IP, and hash for it.

I’m not seeing the upside of using Tribler/anonymous, if it’s not actually anonymous when you have to suffer the slower download/upload penalties.


It’s really tough to know because I don’t know the actions of the people claiming they got a copyright notice (like if they somehow triggered the notice through clicking on a torrent link or very briefly downloading it without anonymity/hops).

I was banned by my ISP in the recent past and I started using Tribler to circumvent them and they’ve never sent me a notice since (it’s been about 9 months).

I think all it takes is a simple click on a torrent link and you’re pinged. It’s not about how much of the file(s) you actually download. I used to get flagged by my ISP for things I never really ever had, but I may have clicked on certain links that could lead to those files (if they were real files at all).


@AMR perfect anonymity is not easy to achieve. There could be several other activities leaking anonymity. With Tribler, we always try to design and implement the protocols that preserve privacy and anonymity. However, there could be bugs and we encourage our community to report them so we can fix them.


That’s interesting, Xyberfaust. So you’re saying the act of clicking on a Torrent link inside a browser might trigger a tracker flag of some sort?

So best practice would be to obtain the magnet link and copy/paste it into Tribler?


Chrome and maybe some Chromiun browsers leak through WEBRTC.
Even using a WEBRTC block on Chrome has a minor leak showing your IP and other information.
Brave browser has auto WEBRTC block; Firefox, you need to download the extension to disable WEBRTC.

If you do not trust VPNs or do not want to pay for one; try a proxy servers.
There are free ones but which can you trust, just like free VPNs (you have to do your research).
Even paid proxy servers might go bust and never tell you.
AlwaYS CHECK your proxy servers before you start to see if they are active.

Go to for more information.


You could try Tor Browser, it blocks WEBRTC by default. Sites like The Pirate Bay even have their own tor addresses (http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion) from which you can obtain your magnet links.


Thanks! I’m just not sure if this is a bug within the software itself, or something I did. The only behavior change I made was that in previous Tribler versions, I would manually copy/paste the torrent link into Tribler. With version 7.x, I’m able to click on magnet links (which I did) and those get imported into Tribler.

Previously on 6.x versions, I had no warnings. With 7.x, I had this one that came up. That’s why I was looking for answers here, so if anyone has any other advice (other than a VPN), that’d be great.


Yes. Clicking on a torrent link is all it takes to flag you. Always right click and copy magnet or torrent link and then open it (anonymously using hops) within Tribler.


Yes, friend, i completly agree that VPN is the very best option and but reading the article is not enough. I think reading a review of every VPN provider is a must so you can choose which VPN is right for you Becasue every VPN in the market has its own selling point some are best for streaming, and some are aweosme for security purpose.


Using a VPN Server location in Russia or Africa should be a pretty good protection against any copyright lawsuits or notices.


VPN is not onion routing. If you are looking for VPN-torrenting, then tribler is probably not what you are looking for.