Confusion regarding token balance


I just started using Tribler and I migrated some torrents that I was previously seeding in my former client.
I turned off all anonymity since I don’t need to be anonymous for these torrents and then I just left if on for a while.

Now I have -8gb token balance though and I don’t know why.
Is there some baseline “tax” just for seeding?


Hi! Having the same issue / weird problem … i am currently only “credit mining”, which means i started following a channel to help seeding it. Sure, before i can seed, i need to donwload the files first on my own pc.

Since several days i am mostly doing nothing than credit mining. Tribler shows me “Currently disk space usage” 2.6 GB / 50 GB, which means i already downloaded 2,6 GB of the files of the channel i subscribes and will seed.

But my Token Balanace shows: -13.6 GB !!!

I surely know that there is some kind of OVERHEAD and that the netowkr itself also needs some traffic, but a difference of 11 GB ?! which means 5 times of the files i already download and “real traffic” i made?

Mhhhh … suspicious :stuck_out_tongue: