Completely lost download speed with Tribler


Dear All,

Using Tribler for few years now. Never had any issue. Now suddenly since 2 days, i don’t get any download speed on any tactive file. My line speed is 400/40 MB. Normal DL speed is always around 7-9 MB/sec. now its less the 1 KB.
Re installed latest Tribler version, Reinstalled W10 (with keeping my files).

Any ideas??


Sorry Alll, found the cause


And what was the cause?


I’m running 7.2.2 now and I think that the downloads speeds are all going down after an hour or so after starting Tribler. When I restart files are downloading again. Unforunatly when I make 2 or more restarts Tribler fails to run.
I think I had this problems 2 versions before, I got better in previous version and now it’s back again. Is it a coincidence or is it just me or anyone has the same problem?


Hi @Niek, perfect, solved problem.

Hi @Borgall.
My tribler 7.2.2 never start few days ago.
I installed previous version, 7.1.1, then 7.2.2 over, and everything seem ok for now