Collected torrent files


It’s been a couple of years since I used tribler, but the FAQ suggests that tribler still uses a gigantic collection of torrent files in a folder(?). Can someone explain why this has to be done in this particular way?
I’m not deeply knowledgeable in the bittorrent protocol or the intricacies of how tribler performs search, is there any reason tribler doesn’t store magnet links instead? Wouldn’t that be much more efficient?

I’m just curious, and I was mildly annoyed by the folder that made my file system quake in fear if I went near it, and my hard drive scream in agony whenever I tried to measure its size (probably not because of the size but the large number of files)…


Since version 6.5 the torrents are stored in LevelDB file:

“Collected torrents are now stored in a levelDB database, which should help a lot with disk usage, IO performance and filesystem fragmentation”

Maybe you find time to test the latest release candidate of Tribler 7:


Thanks! That’s good to know. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.