Clarification of the Tribler API

Hello there :slightly_smiling_face:

I use tribler via a docker container on a server usable only with terminal.
I code a simple bash script to interact with Tribler.
I can start a download via a magnet link, stop, delete a download.
So I’ve got the bare minimum.

I see that the API allows me to perform a search ( But how can I download one of the items returned by the search?
The URI of the torrent file that should be downloaded. This URI can either represent a file location, a magnet link or a HTTP(S) url” (–downloads). What do you mean by “file location”? What parameter returned by the search can be sent to Tribler to start a download?

Another thing, the URL “/torrentinfo” seems to be able to return some interesting information. In particular, I need to retrieve the file(s) / folder(s) names of a torrent already active on Tribler. But I can’t get it to work, either for a download in progress or via a magnet link. I’ve tried passing the URL parameters “/torrentinfo?torrent=”, “/torrentinfo?uri=” and then a magnet link or url encoded magnet link without success.
Oh, and adding parameter to URL “/downloads?get_files=true” does not seem to work (–downloads).

Finally, is it possible to retrieve information from a single download without having to parse all the information from all the downloads managed by Tribler ("'GET /downloads") ?

Thanks in advance
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GET /downloads/{infohash}/files” do the job to retrieve the file(s) / folder(s) names of a torrent already active.