Clarification needed regarding Cooperative Downloading

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In any case, Yes or No answer will suffice, if someone wants to answer. I am posting questions only.

Question : -

When a “helper” downloads a part of the file (he does not want) to help collector, is that downloading - anonymous or not?

How much data does the “helper” download for the collector? Will that usage of data count towards helper’s ISP data balance?

When Tribler uses Buddy-cast, Taste-Buddies algorithms amongst various Tribler users - are these messages encrypted/anonymous?

Is clubbing together the good users (contributing to Tribler network) a good idea? Won’t they be an susceptible to attacks first?

Is the data which is stored in - Friends List, (Super) Peer Cache, Metadata Cache, Preference Cache - encrypted?

If data in point 5, is transmitted amongst Tribler users, do they travel anonymously among the Tribler users?

When a Tribler user (ART) - is used as proxy for someone else - is the data that is being proxied for another person using ART as a proxy, visible to ART’s ISP?

How much overhead can one assume Tribler will use in a day? Let’s say 8 hours idle time.

Is any/all overhead in Tribler - anonymous or not? Irrespective of its type.

Please provide a link - to all research papers regarding Tribler on the website or on the GitHub.

Dear absolutep,
Tribler is the oldest Torrent client in continuous improvement. Feature like “Taste-Buddies algorithms” have been removed a decade ago, as a university research team we try to relentlessly improve stuff for you.

The current overview of our Tribler lab activities and “cryptoeconomics thinking” can be found here:
Plus Github is a good starting point: Home · Tribler/tribler Wiki · GitHub

Is clubbing together the good users (contributing to Tribler network) a good idea?

This is indeed a very difficult scientific topic. We moved beyond tit-for-tat and try to make the worlds-first web-of-trust. For 30 years people tried to build one, but never succeeded. A recent in-depth article about this can be found here: with more on my profile page. Hope this helps. Greetings, johan.