Channel disappeared after upgrade to v 7.0 alpha 2


So, made an upgrade to 7.0 alpha 2.
But then in crashed, and now Tribler asks me to create a new channel…

Any way to gain access to my old channel (instead of creating a new one)?

Atm Tribler (v7) is still processing all the channels, mine is not (jet) cached/downloaded.

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Could you provide some more information about the crash? You should get a popup containing a message with more information about what went wrong.


I think I send it right away, did not read…

Where could I find it?
(windows 10)

Also, after a restart of my windows I got this message:

And then starts Tribler v6.5.2, my old version instead of v7.0

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Your old database should be backed up in the AppData\Roaming\\.Tribler\sqlite. Do you see the backup file there?



Yes, I see a couple of backup files there.
The selected ones are the oldest.
Any documentation to use these files instead as the current ones?

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Replacing the files directly under the sqlite directory with your selected files should theoretically work. Please store the selected files in a secure location to prevent data lose.


Yeay, I thought so…
But this is showing up:

Will make an backup of those files and then delete everything that has to do with Tribler, and start again with Tribler v 7.

i’ll keep you posted.

Kind regards


@Triblr thanks! I will release a public alpha tomorrow on the forums so please keep an eye out for that announcement!