Can't start Tribler 7.0.2 on Mac


Been trying all day (all week actually) and signed up just to get this sorted. I’ve been running Tribler from the command line and have a bit more information on what’s happening - basically it gets stuck doing all this and leaves me at the “Loading…” screen:

INFO 1523021063.48 LibtorrentMgr:550 No enough DHT nodes 0, will restart DHT
INFO 1523021064.57 community:492 join preview community 16cba0f1be9725eaddb463188ff151b39ad192c2
INFO 1523021064.57 community:307 initializing: PreviewChannelCommunity
WARNING 1523021065.72 timeline:248 FAIL time:6 user:41935 -> permit^channel (no authorization)
WARNING 1523021066.88 timeline:248 FAIL time:6 user:42012 -> permit^channel (no authorization)
WARNING 1523021067.03 community:1895 drop a 137 byte packet duplicate message by member^global_time (2) [votecast] from {}
INFO 1523021067.97 sqlitecachedb:232 Start committing…
INFO 1523021067.98 sqlitecachedb:245 Beginning another transaction…

I don’t know how to fix this and it’s really frustrating. I left it for an hour this evening and nothing seems to have been resolved. I’ve searched and Googled and searched and can’t find a solution to this. With the firewall up, with the firewall down, with a fresh install, with an older version, with .Tribler deleted, nothing seems to work! Using a VPN because I’m in China, but the problem is the same without the VPN, running MacOS High Sierra with the latest update… Any ideas??


@mutantcamel It is sad to read that Tribler is not running on your system. Could you provide us the log file .Tribler directory so we have more idea on what is causing Tribler to be stuck?


Tribler doesn’t get that far :P. all the logs are empty. The output from the command line is here


Thank you for logs. I’ll share it with the team to figure out the problem. In the meantime, we would appreciate if you could try our latest experimental release Tribler-7.1.0-exp1-95-gddc9630.dmg and let us know if the problem persists.


No joy with that either. I’ve tried every v7 and none of them work.


Any difference in the logs?
Also, could you try http://localhost:8085/state on the browser and let us know the output?


Same errors coming up from the command line, can’t connect to the address you gave in the browser.