Can't find docs for setting up Bami project


Asking this as part of trying to help with this issue

I tried looking in the Bami project’s repo for docs explaining how to set up a dev environment. However I can’t seem to find docs explaining how to set things up. Can I get an explanation of how it can be done?


Reading in this stackoverflow comment it looks like it takes a simple command in order to install the desired dependencies. Is it possible to add the instruction to the project’s docs? As it’s not intuitive.


At this point, Bami is very experimental, so no promises of it working properly. Though, there are plans to move all of our DB-related stuff (i.e. Channels) to it. The move would most probably result in rewriting 60% of Bami code.

Anyway, Bami’s author was inspired by this guide for setting up a modern Python dev environment.