Can Tribler share with non-Triblers?

Can Tribler share with other torrent apps (non-Tribler) over clearnet/opennet/WWW?

Or does all torrenting happen between Triblers?

Are there exit/entry nodes?

For example, if someone is sharing/seeding with qBittorrent, will Tribler network with qBittorrent?

Tribler is fully interoperational with other torrent clients. This means other torrent clients can freely download even Tribler seeded torrents, even hidden ones. And Tribler can download any torrent around.
In fact, using Tribler is just like using a regular torrent client behind a VPN.

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I suspect more torrent clients are probably looking at adding VPN capabilities as well

been a lot of discussion on some developer areas I am in

That would be really nice :wink:

Would be cool if they add Tribler Technology to do anonymization, then no central VPN servers would be needed.