Can share a file, but not a directory or multiple files


I want to start sharing my own files. I can share a single file to my channel, but not multiple files or a directory.

This is my approach : [Channels] >> [My Channel] >> [Add] >> [… using your own local files (Create) ] >> [Browse for a Directory]

after this, no mater I chose [Combine files into a single .torrent] or [Create separate .torrent for every file], I don’t get any .torrent file generate, and neither My channel ( [Manage torrents] ) show anything.

But when select a SINGLE file, I get any .torrent file generate no problem, and My channel ( [Manage torrents] ) works too.

Above is the main problem. Beside this problem, my Tribler don’t have close button (X) to close some of pop up windows, I have to use right click and select close (I use Linux Debian) to able to do it, don’t know if this is a feature or not, just for your information.




If you wish this feature to be implemented in a future release, please open an issue on our main development platform GitHub ( and we will consider it.



Thanks, I don’t know this feature is not yet ready, I see.
Thanks for your help answering my question.